Contact Me if You Need a Laundry Service

Do you already have a ton of laundry lingering around your house? If you don’t have the time to do the laundry all by yourself, you can always contact a laundry service in Mary Esther, FL so that they can do it for you while you go on about your daily activities outside. One reputable laundry company that you can call and have your clothes picked up at your house is The Panhandle Laundry Co, Mary Esther.

When Doing Regular Washing

Doing laundry is one of the basic forms of doing chores around the house and most people know how to do this. But not a lot of people know that there is an even better way to have laundry done and that can only be achieved by calling a professional laundry company, such as my company. The clients that I’ve done laundry for always had positive comments with the work that I’ve done, which is why they would always come to me whenever they need quality laundry done. If you just need regular washing, I can do that for you with ease. You can just drop by my laundry shop if you need your clothes cleaned the right way.

Hire Me to Do Laundry For You

With my years of experience doing laundry, I can definitely assure you that I can clean all of your clothes without any complications. When doing the laundry, I will first separate the white clothes from colored ones so that the white clothes won’t get stained or discolored. Once I’ve done this, I will then put them separately in my laundry machine. I will first put laundry detergent and then the fabric conditioner next. I let the machine run for a few minutes so that it can be cleaned properly. After the washing, I’ll then put it in the dryer for another few minutes. Once everything is done, I’ll fold all of the clothes and secure them before you pick up them up.

You can find my laundry service in Mary Esther, FL if you plan on choosing me to do your laundry. The Panhandle Laundry Co, Mary Esther always assures you that your clothes will be cleaned properly. If you have any questions about my laundry shop, you can contact me at (850) 304-7096.

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