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Is Using a Laundromat Really Sanitary?

Laundromats are used by individuals that do not have a washer or dryer in their living homes. Many of these laundries are extremely well maintained and fully sanitary. But, not all are, and some can, in fact, be very unsanitary. Below are a few helpful tips from The Panhandle Laundry Co, Mary Esther that will help you to determine if any given laundromat is safe for you to use.

One common sign that laundromats are sanitary is the presence of an attendant, as they are the ones who are responsible for cleaning the dryers, washers, folding tables and other such associated elements each day. This means they will wash out the washers and dryers to ensure there is no detergent residue left, remove any stains, and check and clean the link trays. Also, a disinfectant should be used on the folding tables every day, which will help to reduce the germs left by patrons. The attendant is also vacuum or sweep the floor every day, and could also arrange to have the tiles or carpeting professionally cleaned every now and then.

Unattended laundromats generally do not receive the same kind of attention as laundromats that have an attendant on duty. The washers and dryers are often not cleaned as regularly, and the floor will show more dirt. Because no one present to clean the space, the level of sanitation will suffer greatly, even when a cleaning crew comes in after-hours a few times a week.

Another sign of sanitary laundromats is how much light is in the space. A clean laundromat will have ample light highlighting folding tables and other work areas. The light is bright, which makes it possible to see every area in the room. Laundromats that are not well maintained have fewer lights, thus, making it harder for patrons to see grime which has started to build up.

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