Secrets of Coin-Operated Laundromat Workers

Laundromat Workers and How to Deal With Them

Fresh, clean clothes help us to live our lives healthy, and thanks go to the 200,000 plus U.S. workers that keep local coin-operated laundromat facilities running. Although most deal with grueling shifts and sporadic tips, there are a few perks to handling strangers’ intimates every day.

Laundromats are often used as local meeting places, and the steady stream of clients helps to keep business flowing. Laundry workers will earn on average $23,770 a year nationwide to wash your clothes. However, you may be surprised at how many forget or refuse to give a tip, thinking that workers receive a wage, so why should they be tipped?

For a start, some customers can cause a real problem for laundromat workers, and believe it or not, especially women. As they will often leave their lipstick in their clothes, that mess up all their laundry. Other culprits are kids, as they will often leave the likes of crayons in their pockets, which will melt in the high heat and stick to the fabric, not to mention the machine.

And even though staining is a major source of stress, sometimes there is very little that a laundromat worker can do. They will attempt to rewash the clothes, however, sometimes it works, more than often, it does not.

Laundromat workers also find spare change in the clothes that they wash, however, they are not allowed to keep them. Other discoveries are just as bizarre, such as surgical equipment, car registrations, pocket knives, and even wedding rings.

So the next time you visit your local coin-operated laundromat, remember to check your clothes properly if you intend to hand over your laundry to a laundromat worker.

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